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Our group has a specific department in all types of real estate investment, from the purchase and sale of a home to significant investments in hotels, shopping centers, etc …


We guarantee the success of selling your property!

The real estate investment department of Adaix Group works with the maximum confidentiality that our customers need, from the first contact you will receive particular attention and professional advice, which will indicate the necessary steps to obtain the best price.

Thanks to our implementation in all of Spain and in Miami (USA)and to our professionalism, it makes Adaix Group the best option forinvestors or private groups.

It has hotels,shopping centers and parking lots in different places and countries. Do not hesitate to contact us for any real estate product.


Do you have a hotel, shopping center or large lots?

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We have investors interested in buying parkings or large lots.


We work all kinds of hotels, from the small to the largest.


Sell ​​or buy a mall, we offer the right solution.

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In Adaix Group we have a long history in the real estate world and an important real estate network established throughout the Spanish territory, which allows us to have the best real estate opportunities.

We have all kinds of real estate operations such as hotels, offices, homes, shopping centers, warehouses, etc., anywhere in Spain, as well as in other countries. Our team of professionals guarantees the best result.

Our CEO Alain Brand, an expert in large investments will always be by your side with your team. 

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