Business partner in efficient construction

Do you want to be part of an important business in efficient construction and ecological swimming pools?

Efficient construction and ecological pools with beach

EcoAdaix has an innovative and interesting efficient construction system, as well as a new concept of ecological pools with sandy beach.

In the coming weeks we commercialize EcoAdaix and EcoAdaix Pool through the franchise concept, we need a business managing partner to direct, organize and expand the EcoAadaix commercial department, and achieve the objectives set.


We are looking for a person with the following talents:


Alain Brand

I am looking for a business partner , who participates and is a beneficiary of the company’s results. All investments and the organization have been made so that the EcoAdaix Group can expand properly and grow according to our objectives.

We need a person with great commercial, management and organizational capacity.

You must have aminimum capital of € 50,000 corresponding to participations in the company EcoAdaix Group.

Discover below the requirements we need.


To be an EcoAdaix Group worker partner, discover the profile we need:

Ecoadaix Group

Investment from 50.000€

EcoAdaix Efficient constructionwith a very efficient system to offer a model Passivhaus ,  construction of houses to buildings. We have a plan to expand our brand through the concept of franchising.

EcoAdaix Pool, new system for the construction of natural pools with sandy beach, construction, commercialization, and national expansion programmed with the franchise concept.  

Perfil idóneo: Commercial or commercial technician from the world of construction or real estate.


Importante: It is not a job offer.

We are looking for a working partner that meets the requirements mentioned in our previous document “searched profile”. If you meet these requirements and you can invest a minimum of € 50,000, fill out the form below to study your application.


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